Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to Lick an Ice Cream Cone

The best thing about ice cream on a hot summer day is that it doesn't let you waste a moment. If you neglect it even briefly, it's sticky sweetness doesn't delay in running down your hand, possibly to wreak havoc in the decolte of your loose summer top or mar the leg that's turning slowly from sun starved to sun kissed. No question: it must be licked.

Beware, however; licking in the heat is not a lackadaisical negotiation, it's a a battle--marshaled by the tongue. A skillful luchador will always, always start from the bottom, rounding the base to eliminate any hint of insurrectionist drips. From there, she will work her way up urgently, smoothing the surface of the ice cream into a cohesive mound, disappearing by mouthfuls any rebellious ledge or mutinous chunk until the ice cream finds itself confined to the limits of the cone, incapable of retaliation. Having contained the fractious fringes, she can rest and lick with leisure for a while, using her tongue to push what remains of the scoop down into the depths of the cone, biting down the edges as they become exposed. And if she's succeeded completely, a small core of passionate resistance will remain at the very bottom of the cone to be devoured in a single determined swoop or fed to her lover with a complicit kiss.

I might mention that I have been inspired by a new licking frontier: a little shop on the left side of the Eixample (corner of Muntaner and Córsega) called La Cremería Toscana. Mind boggling tubs full of worthy opponents.


amreen said...

mmm. i'm salivating. what's your favourite combination of gelato? i've been frequenting toronto's hollywood gelato (bayview and eglinton) this summer. The gelato is alarmingly good, and unfortunately, very accessible to my house. Call me boring, but I can't resist my classic combo over and over again...varhona chocolate and hazelnut. occasionally, i will venture out and have pistachio. but that's it.

pierre-paul.tellier said...

Hum! Interesting!

slideaway said...

The Best real italian gelato u could have is in the barrio gotico, near the cathedral.... stop JAUME I.
Is the best gelateria in Barcelona and is called GELATIIIIII! di Marco.
I know that cause i know the people that are doin' it, and i can tell u is the best in Barcelona, and one of th best in Spain.
Go there by 13 o clock, have pistacchio, coconut and whatever else u want (but trust me try this ^^) and after u'll tell me :)

marco said...

well I dont agree that the cremeria Toscana is the best. I have been to all of them because i am an adicted to ice cream and fore sure my favorite is gelaaati di marco, is possible to see how the produce it because the kitchen is with glass and I´ve been there to see, they are so precise and clean, apart of that they use really fresh fruit for their sorbets, ans they have also soy and rice ice cream wich is dificult to find arownd.