Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Back to Barcelona

Yes, it's spring here in Barcelona. Yes, it's approx-imately 30 degrees warmer than it is in Canada (conser-vatively speaking). And, yes, since getting over the shock to my system, I'm really, really, really enjoying it.

February and March are the months of the calçotada in Catalunya. It's the time of year when Catalans celebrate the humble calçot (a type of spring onion) by eating it with gusto. Deirdre, my lovely Canadian friend, and Jordi, her lovely Catalan husband, invited us to experience the genuine article at Jordi's family home in Tarragona this year. An article is forthcoming in the Globe (hopefully) and a family recipe for romesco sauce, which accompanies calçots, will appear here shortly. Stay tuned.


gail said...

Oh, I remember eating calcots just outside of Barcelona. Wonderful. Glutton-like consumption of the new spring greens!

gail said...

I miss your entries! I was hoping you would post some photos of the chocolate Easter "mona" chocolate sculptures!