Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Best Man I've Got

My love life, such as it is, has been a little complicated lately. Signals are getting crossed, messages are not reaching their destination and, all in all, I'm starting to feel a little frustrated by the fiasco that the single girl's world sometimes becomes.

This is a problem beyond the reach of food. So I've been spending some time at home watching 24. Yes, in Barcelona, with the cultural events, the art, the clubs and the restaurants. Sometimes there's just no denying a girl's basic need for television.

I'm in the middle of season 5. Make no mistake about it, season 5 sucks. But I'm sticking with it. Why? Because of Jack Bauer, an erratic, middle aged, former drug addict with a bad temper and a gun. Those are his strong suits. On the downside, he has no sense of humour, is unable to sustain a relationship and all his girlfriends are sooner or later killed, kidnapped or tortured. None of that changes the fact that, right now, Jack is the best man I've got.

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