Thursday, November 22, 2007


So, I've been dumped. As a friend. Like yesterday's paper plates.

Well, at least I think I have. I'm a little paranoid about these things. But I've given the situation over a week to settle. And I've confirmed the course of events with more than one girlfriend at home. We have all come to agreement about the correct interpretation. All except for the Pollyannas, of course. The Pollyannas are forever thinking that you can just scoop the cake off the floor, pat down the icing, cover it all up with sprinkles and sing Happy Birthday. Not so, Pollyannas. Not so. Sometimes it's best to just hide the evidence and bring out the liquor.

The thing is, alone in a new country, I'm taking it a little hard. Here, even imperfect friendships are better than none. When they come crashing down, well, it's back to table for one. No choice but to start again.

This time, I'm starting with girlfriends. Less icing to scrape off the floor.

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