Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Oh Starry Night

A few months ago, my friends Allan and Trish were in town, treating Felipe and me to dips in the roof top pools of their swank hotels and multiple bottles of cava. We ate well in those weeks--tapas around town, a picnic on the beach, and paella on our terrace. But the most decadent treat (thank you Allan and Trish) was dinner at Cinc Sentits ( restaurant owned by Catalan-Canadian brother and sister, Jordi and Amelia Artal (pictured).

The dinner deserves a considered post and you will get one in time. Before that, however, one piece of news: last week, Cinc Sentits was awarded its first Michelin honour that locals have long thought deserved and one pounced upon by Catalan newspapers following the release of the new Michelin guide for Portugal and Spain.

The star is all the more bright because of the widely prevailing view (at least in the Spanish press) that the awards of stars were "stingy" this year--stingy in that few new stars were awarded in Spain, of course. But what would food industry accolades be without a little fodder for bellyaching, I say.

You can read my article about Cinc Sentits in the Globe & Mail until I get a chance to fill you in further. Here's the link: Catalan-Canuck chef makes Michelin magic.


Anonymous said...

So good...That appetizer sounds amazing...and tomato sorbet!? wooo!
Great article, anna...but what's going on with the sill person that made fun of the word "foodie". Have they just come out from under a rock? How very bizarre!
xo janet

Derek said...

Awesome job, Zalewska. However, I demand a reference to the night we went to the little wine bar and I sweat so much I though I was going to drown.

It's cool seeing the articles you were talking about come to fruition.

Miguel said...

Im glad they got the Star. I ate there just before they got it. A great experience.