Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Foie Gras (Rant Free)

I've been working on a post about old school Catalan restaurants recently, dutifully consuming butifarra, suquet, pigs' feet and a variety of other Catalan classics without writing a word.

Luckily, the Globe has come through by publishing another article that I can share with you on-line. This one is about "ethical" foie gras. It's a costly rarity, even in Spain, but you (assuming you are European) can get it through this site, if you fancy:

If you have a hankering to read all about it, you can find the Globe article here: Spain's no-guilt delicacy: foie gras minus the force feeding.

If you simply cannot suppress the need to rant about foie (one of the most rantable foods, to be sure), feel free to let it all out in the comment section of this post.


Derek said...

I would prefer to use this comments page as a platform to say cruel things about Polish people.

ibergour said...

Hi Barcelona Food Girl,
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This foie is really great. I assure you. And also our ham!
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ibergour said...

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